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October 31, 2010

Saturday, March 29, 2014

We Miss Callahan

If there is anything I love yet hate about sports it’s second-guessing. It happens in every sport. A manager brings in a lefty instead of a righty. A driver refuses to pit with 40 laps left. Get the extra point or go for two. You get the idea, right? But when one of your teams trades one of your favorite players you can’t help yourself. When that player ends up being more valuable than who took his place…well…that is heartbreaking. And with seven games left the New York Rangers may be headed for more heartbreak.

It’s already been thirteen games that the Rangers have had Martin St Louis. In that timespan Ryan Callahan has scored four more goals than him while playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Oh did I mention St Louis has yet to score for the Rangers? He did on Friday night in Calgary but cameras showed it was kicked in. Nice try. Then when the Rangers were down by one with two minutes left he took a penalty. This was an ultimate kick to the balls. This guy can’t be serious can he?

We already lost the heart and soul of the team by trading Callahan. News just came out Chris Kreider will most likely miss the rest of the season. But we have Marty St Louis. Even Barry “Rangers Suck” Melrose thought it was a good move getting this guy. Not only did we trade our Captain, we traded first and second round draft picks along with him for a guy who can already play in old man softball leagues.

Maybe I should take it easy here. I will even admit I liked this trade when it happened. I thought this guy would keep scoring goals. He already had 29 when we got him. We weren’t playing very well at the time, either. But this is now. The Rangers have won five of six and if the season ended today would host the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs.

You can’t help but second guess Glenn Sather, though, because this guy has not scored a goal. And how much worse would we be if we held onto Callahan. With how well Henrik Lundquist and Ryan McDonagh have been playing everybody else is there for the ride. The longer this guy goes without doing anything the shorter the blue seats will give before they boo every time he touches the puck. He is about to be as popular at MSG as guys whose last names are Roszival and Crosby.